Lazy Person’s Guide to Beating Procrastination


Everyone procrastinates. More so in this day and age of distractions where you can easily get distracted by a beep of your phone, a TV show, emails, and cat videos. It’s hard to start doing things that actually matters and be productive. How hard it is to make up your bed, to sweep the floor, to take a bath, or even change into clean clothes after work? The answer, as many lazy people would attest, is very hard. Sure, technically, it’s as simple as, in the words of Shia LaBeouf, “just do it”, but ask any lazy person and they’ll have a million reason not to. After all, who can resist the temptation to watch that newly uploaded Fails of the Week video, right?

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Gratitude Journal, Ramadan Day 6: My Hands


Today I’m grateful for… both my hands.

Ini adalah entri pertama saya untuk #NulisRandom2017 yang kebetulan jatuh pas di bulan Ramadan. Jadi alangkah baiknya buat saya mengambil topik yang berkaitan dengan bulan suci ini.

Bulan Ramadan adalah bulan yang penuh berkah. Terkadang berkah yang dianugerahkan kepada kita itu ada yang kita sadari, ada pula yang tidak. Berkah yang kita sadari itu bisa seperti makanan sedap yang kita santap ketika berbuka puasa. Wajar, dan tentunya wajib, bagi kita untuk bersyukur. Namun ada pula berkah yang dianugerahkan kepada kita, namun tak kita sadari. Berkah-berkah itulah yang ingin saya tuangkan di tema #NulisRandom2017 saya ini. Saya ingin mensyukuri berkah-berkah yang tak saya sadari telah dianugerahkan kepada saya.

Berkah di Ramadan hari ke-6 yang saya syukuri adalah berkah kedua tangan saya, termasuk lengan dan jari-jarinya, yang masih berfungsi dengan semestinya, dengan baik. Pekerjaan saya berkutat pada mengetik, kegiatan yang sangat bergantung pada kedua tangan saya. Beberapa waktu yang lalu, jari jempol tangan kiri saya luka karena teriris pisau cukup dalam. Terasa pada saat itu saya merasa tidak bisa bekerja dengan baik karena rasa. Syukurlah sekarang sudah sembuh.

Selain pekerjaan, banyak juga hal-hal lain yang saya lakukan sehari-hari yang tak saya sadari bergantung penuh pada kedua tangan saya. Membaca buku, menulis catatan dengan bolpen, mengganti kanal TV dengan remote, makan dan minum, berpakaian, berseka diri. Kalau dipikir-pikir, hampir segala hal yang saya lakukan bergantung pada tangan yang sekarang saya pakai untuk mengetik ini.

Sekian dulu Gratitude Journal edisi Ramadan hari ke-6 ini. Menutup Gratitude Journal pertama ini, saya ingin mengucapkan alhamdulillah atas berkah kedua tangan saya ini. Semoga entri ini juga bisa membuat pembaca ikut bersyukur atas berkah dari kedua tangan kalian. Selamat berbuka puasa!

Listen to This: “What Sarah Said” by Death Cab for Cutie

Behind the beautiful piano riff in “What Sarah Said” lies a brutally honest story of being in a hospital to be with a loved one who’s on the verge of death, all without being overly sentimental. From a Genius contributor:

A meditation on death, using the imagery and narrative of a loved one on his/her hospital death bed as a vehicle. The driving piano and nervous pacing builds a sense of anxiety and reverence, while Ben’s lyrics drive home the song’s central thesis – “that love is watching someone die”. Everyone is barreling towards their own exodus, and to love someone is to be there and witness what comes with that – the sorrow, the decline in health, the tough questions, and finally, the death rattle and release. You can’t commit to share each others lives without committing to witness these things.

Have a listen to it.

The final line of the song’s lyrics is a chilling philosophical question that mirrors back to the one who witnesses the death of someone. It repeats on and on.

So who’s gonna watch you die?

The song ends powerfully with a long, sustained major note that imitates the beep of an EKG machine flatlining. A major note, mind you, that signifies an optimistic outlook on death itself.

My 10 Best Albums of All Time

As a music fan, I feel obliged to share my picks of the best albums of all time. It was not an easy thing to do!

Before I start, I want to mention a couple of things first. Firstly, this list is totally subjective. I am by no means a music critic nor am I someone who knows that much about music. The main reasons I pick them are mostly 1) because I enjoy them, 2) because of their sentimental value. Secondly, I treat this list like radio charts, e.g. it may be updated from time to time, replacing some albums with another. So with that out of the way, allow me to present a list of My 10 Best Albums of All Time.

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Short Story: Sólin the Yellow Desk Lamp


Note: some random story I wrote at back in 2012. I thought it hilariously bad so I post it here for laughter’s sake.

This is a story of a yellow desk lamp. This yellow desk lamp is a very small, just barely the size of a young cat. The head of the lamp is the heaviest part of its body, yet it is supported by its strong steel “neck” that connects the head with the leg. As a matter of fact, it isn’t the leg at all, not a bit. It is just a small plate made of steel with blinding yellow hue matching the color of the head that not only functions as the container for all things technical for it, it’s also the main weight balancer; the lamp wouldn’t be able to stand so straight, so majestically without it.

The name of the yellow desk lamp is Sólin. Sólin is as alive, as lively as humans are so it is indecent for us if we refer to Sólin as “it”. Sólin is male desk lamp so we will refer to Sólin as “him”.

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you can find me a seamstress
who can stitch all the pieces of this broken heart
but you will never heal these open wounds, no

you can find me a lifeboat
to keep me from drowning in a sea of misery
but you will not stop the suffocation, no

help me i’m drowning
oh god i’m drowning

— a.