Thoughts About Life-Journaling

I was just blogwalking around teh interwebz, reading people’s blogs so seriously that I even made a tea to accompany me reading them from their most recent to their first ever post.

And then I realized how über-awesomely cool it is and it will be by having a personal blog.

You know, it’s like this: you write about something right now, spill everything that comes to your mind, and you post it on your blog. And you do the same thing again the next day—this time you post it with some pictures, and then the next week with some videos, then the next year with miscellaneous things attached.

Before you know it, you would have been blogging for ten years, journaling every single piece of your life in that time span. And then you would dig up the blog’s archives and reread your first time ever posts while reminiscing your good, ol’ past. You would smile at how silly you were back in those days, then on another post, you would cry at how desperate you were in the past.

As you grow older you would tell your children and grandchildren about your blog, showing them the posts you made when you were at their age. Then you would know how big the differences were between the life of your generation and theirs.

And perhaps you would eventually realize the true meaning of life itself.

Well, perhaps I’ve over-thought, but what I’m trying to say is that blogging is a fun thing to do! I’m going to write as much as I possibly can to document my own life in this blog.

So I’m going to treat this blog more as a journal, while maintaining my all-cute Tumblr more as a bowl for thought-spilling.


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