Commitment Issues

I always have some issues in keeping commitment in almost anything, the biggest being too lazy to keep it going. For example, I love photography, but my spirit in it were only high in the first two months I got my first DSLR. I used to go out to randomly shoot people and things, admiring the pictures myself before uploading some of them immediately to my deviantArt gallery. But soon, I stopped doing that almost completely, and I let my poor, little DSLR dusting sadly inside the camera bag.

For me, that’s a big issue since if I keep doing the do-it-then-stop-it commitment in a larger scale, it would be catastrophic (I’m talking about marriage-scale commitments).

But then I stumbled upon The Daily Post and discovered the Post a Day/Post a Week challenge, in which people who participate in it have to post something in their blog either every day or every week—their choice. And then I thought, oh wow, that would be a good therapy for me to get over my commitment problem. As what they say, “face your fears, live your dreams” (just substitute “fears” with “problems”).

I decided to participate in it, particularly the Post a Week because it will be much easier and less time-consuming. I don’t feel quite ready for Post a Day anyway. The important thing is to keep the posts coming, right?

So from this post on, I will dedicate one post every week for this challenge. We’ll see if I can manage through this therapy.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Commitment Issues

    1. It’s going to be awesome if you could keep the posts coming everyday, especially if you could keep it up until the end of 2011.

      Good luck to you with the project, spellingqueen81! I hope commitment issues don’t get along your way.


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