I should be doing my term paper right now since the deadline is in three-days time, but instead of that I decided to blog about how lazy I am doing it. Just so you know that I declared myself as the King of Procrastination a few years back.

Often times when I ordered my brain to do my assignments, I would sit with my notebook on my lap, then I would open my word-processing application and then start typing random stuff on the screen like “niuawbviuabs” or “ewoiaoisv” or more proper sentences like “my lecturer is an ass” before switching into—not the assignment, but—the web-browser and embarking onto the ultimate journey of the guilty Internet pleasure. Before I knew it, hours would pass, and my eyes would half-close; a sign that I should be retreating to the realm of bed softness and blanket warmness, and I would let myself succumb into the irresistible temptation. No, I didn’t forget about the assignment—it was much worse than that: I ignored it. And when the deadline approached, my stomach would churn and twist like a crazy rollercoaster, thinking about my desperate unfinished assignment.

And I think that exact same process is happening to me again.

Hmm… I’m going to try something. I will close my eyes and wish for the assignment to finish by itself by the time I open them. I’m doing it now.

It’s still not finished—crap. Oh well, I’ll just finish the paper then… Tomorrow.


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