Miscellaneous Bla Bla Bla’s

I haven’t really got the spirit to post something in the last couple of days. You see, I’m still having that particular issue and still figuring out how to take care of it. For that exact reason, I’m glad I picked Post a Week for the challenge!

Speaking of which, tomorrow is when my weekly post is due. I’ll be posting my Saturday night fun with my brother at Sabuga: watching Secondhand Serenade concert!

Stay tuned for the pics (if you care).


5 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Bla Bla Bla’s

  1. I didn’t sign up for one of the challenges… I’m already doing Write Once a Day as a self-imposed challenge, and blogging once a day, or even once a week, along with that might be exhausting, since most of my writing wouldn’t be appropriate for a blog post that my mother reads. =P


    1. Wow, that’s great. How do you motivate yourself to write? I signed up for the challenge because I need something to motivate me to write (and of course helping my commitment issue therapy), because if I didn’t post by the deadline, I’d feel like a jerk.

      And I know what you mean. Kind of awkward when you find out that your mother actually reads your “inappropriate” posts, let alone comments on them.


    1. Wow, that was fast!

      Sure I will, mjcache. They’re kind of crappy, though, but I’ll try my best to pick the best ones.

      Are you a fan of Secondhand Serenade too, by any chance?


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