So I Watched a Gig…

As I posted yesterday, I am going to make watching the Secondhand Serenade gig at Sabuga Hall in Bandung with my brother as my Post a Week for this week (without the intention of showing off whatsoever).

We got our space in the front lines of the crowd, but we stood behind some taller guys who blocked our view of the stage (I, myself, had very little view of John Vesely). I managed to take some pics with my pocket camera because we were not allowed to bring professional cameras  (the ticket said so, but then I found out that most of the crowd brought SLRs to the gig), but with low lighting and a pocket camera with very limited capabilities, what could I expect?

And here are some pics I took (I picked the ones that are not as crappy as the rest).

Secondhand Serenade after performing “You and I”.
John Vesely with the lead guitarist in the background.
This is the camera of the guy that was blocking my view. Most of the time I watched the performance through his (and anyone else’s) camera LCD.
John Vesely performing “Reach for the Sky” on piano.
Performing their final song: a cover for Coldplay’s “Fix You”.

So there they are. I have uploaded a select set on Flickr, but I keep the rest in my personal library.

P.S. I find posting with pictures fun. I might add some pictures to my future posts to spice them up.


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