Tech Domination

Since mom got her brand new, magical—so they say—iPad last week, I’ve been busy tweaking and mending it. You see, without being snobbish or anything like that, I’m the most tech-literate person in the household so when people need assistance in their tech-thing, they turn to me (The Oatmeal illustrate that kind of person here. Must read if you haven’t.), including… no, especially my mother.

She wanted the gizmo to be able to do office things and such since fresh iPads don’t come with those things. So I persuaded her to give me her freaking credit card number so that “[her] iPad can do office things and such”, which actually means “so that I could buy some apps from the App Store, legally” (which I have been dreaming about for so damn long). Which she did. And without further ado, I immediately bought some apps from the App Store for her office things and I “stole” a few credits for my own. Guess what I bought for myself (hint: it’s Angry Birds).

I find it funny how technology is able to be used as a tool for deceit, especially when applied to the technology-blind (e.g. parents). I wonder if my future children would do the same to me?


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