Memory Overload

Yesterday, a friend of mine texted me whether he left the basketball DVD he brought to my house a few days earlier. I replied yes, he did, and I offered to return it to him today.

Five minutes after I said that I completely forgot about it. The only time I remembered it was this afternoon after the test I had, when he asked whether I bring the DVD with me. I didn’t.

Apparently, I have issues with short-term memory. That adds to to the issues with commitments I already have. My life is so full of issues.

Anyways, yes, I keep forgetting things. It’s a problem I’ve always had ever since I was a kid. Mom told me to buy her five things at the market, I bought only three. A friend asked me to lend her my book, I forgot to take it with me the next day. This happens almost every day in my life. There has been no day in my life that I don’t forget something.

I’ve lost count of how many people were pissed of by me because of that. Fortunately, I haven’t lost any friends.

Perhaps there should be some kind of a remembrall (that thing Neville got from his gran in the first Harry Potter book) to keep me from forgetting. But if there was such a thing, what could remind me of it if I forget where I put the remembrall?


About My Writing and the Future (of This Blog)

Hello again!

It’s been a very long time I’ve last posted on this blog it felt like a century. Most people will make excuses such as “I’m busy with life” or “I have other things to do” blah blah, but I’ll hide nothing and just be blunt here: I’m too lazy to actually write anything.

And yes, that’s wrong. ¬†For someone who claims that he likes writing, being lazy to write is a BIG no-no. Especially when people actually read your writings and like them, they’re supposed to be your whip for your writing horse so it can run further.

But I totally can’t help it. Remember a few months ago I wrote about my issues with commitment? I enjoy things only in the beginning, and after that, well… a hiatus. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know the answer myself.

When I am not being lazy, however, I have lots of ideas for writing (no, seriously). When I was in the shower, I thought about writing a horror story of a man who wakes up in the morning only to find out that his neighborhood has turned into a zombieland (umm, yep, kinda¬†28 Days Later-esque). When I was driving home, I thought about writing about the improvements in my social life. Yet I don’t know how to actually put them into paper (or word processing software, for that matter). I sit down with my laptop in front of me ready to type in my next masterpiece (ha!), all excited and words ready to be spilled and then, woosh! they just vanish.

Is it because I don’t have the talent of being a writer? Or is it only because of my commitment issues? Or both? Gosh, I suck.

Anyways, about the future of this particular blog… I’m thinking of moving to Blogger instead (in addition to Tumblr, of course). Don’t ask me why. I don’t know the answer myself. I guess it has something to do with commitment. We’ll see how long I’ll be blogging there before I move back or somewhere else. But who cares anyway, right?