Memory Overload

Yesterday, a friend of mine texted me whether he left the basketball DVD he brought to my house a few days earlier. I replied yes, he did, and I offered to return it to him today.

Five minutes after I said that I completely forgot about it. The only time I remembered it was this afternoon after the test I had, when he asked whether I bring the DVD with me. I didn’t.

Apparently, I have issues with short-term memory. That adds to to the issues with commitments I already have. My life is so full of issues.

Anyways, yes, I keep forgetting things. It’s a problem I’ve always had ever since I was a kid. Mom told me to buy her five things at the market, I bought only three. A friend asked me to lend her my book, I forgot to take it with me the next day. This happens almost every day in my life. There has been no day in my life that I don’t forget something.

I’ve lost count of how many people were pissed of by me because of that. Fortunately, I haven’t lost any friends.

Perhaps there should be some kind of a remembrall (that thing Neville got from his gran in the first Harry Potter book) to keep me from forgetting. But if there was such a thing, what could remind me of it if I forget where I put the remembrall?


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