A Confession from Me to You

It isn’t about not valuing friendship—no, it’s never like that, In fact, I’m glad I’ve found a bunch of guys/gals who share a similar sense of humor (and of similar clique). Such are quite difficult to find these days, apparently.

It also isn’t about personal hatred towards a specific person (or persons), or everyone in the group, even—no, it’s never like that. Everything’s cool and I have nothing against you guys, really. Well, perhaps I do, at times, dislike some of your traits and some of the things that you do, but nobody’s perfect, right?

It also isn’t about my being lazy. Well, maybe a bit of those, but no, it’s not like that.

It’s just that… I just wanted my own personal space and time, guys. After all this time we’ve been hanging out and having fun together I just need to withdraw myself from social life. Again, it’s nothing personal. Just so you know, social interactions really tire me. Did you know that every time we go to some place and have a good laugh, I always feel exhausted, both mentally and physically? I frankly cannot endure overly long social interactions.

Regarding the phone calls and text/instant messages, well, I admit I noticed them all and I did read all of the messages. And I admit I haven’t been replying to some… no… many; I understand how pissed you guys were by it. But I just wish you could understand my circumstances…

I value my time alone and I find it extremely rejuvenating. I enjoy it more than having to be present in crowded places… (It’s not that I don’t enjoy hanging out with you guys, though; it’s far from it!)

I am truly sorry if I have offended you by being unpleasant to you. However, I never intend to. It’s just the way I am. That’s fine if you disregard me as a friend… but you guys are the closest I can get as friends in college.


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