The case of bloated phone bill (2/3)

So let’s go back in time:

In the 1st of October, I registered my number with P1. Since I was such a greedy bastard I sucked the quota immediately, spending more than 400MB of data for downloading stuff just the day after. Of course, I always checked my data usage every time I finished using it.

In the 3rd of October, I registered another package, P2 and some time after that another (I can’t recall which package and when). I think I used it all up because on the 19th or 20th of October the Internet stopped working. So I took out my number and replaced it with another number which I used until the first of November.

On the 1st of November, I put my Provider X number back on and registered with P1 again. I used the phone normally, occasionally using the tethering function of the phone.

On the 6th of November, I received the bill notification SMS which said more or less like this:

Thank you for being a Provider X Post-Paid customer. Your phone bill as of 01/11/12 is Rp1.441.615, due 27/11/12.

My stomach churned as I was shocked to see my bill exceeded one million rupiahs. This is ridiculous, I thought. I told mother about this since the bill is on her and right away she called the Provider X Customer Service. She was given a complaint ticket number and she was told to wait a few days for the complaint to be resolved.

A few days had passed yet I received no follow-up from Provider X. Mother was mad about this and called back on a week after that, around the 13th of November. They said they were still working on it. I could see the disappointment in her eyes. Who wouldn’t?

Since then I kept checking back on the complaint ticket number (Provider X provides it via SMS) yet, still no progress until the 24th of November. On that day, I checked the complaint follow-up progress and received an SMS saying the complaint had been resolved, but the SMS did not elaborate more on what had been resolved. So I called the Provider X Customer Service again.


The case of bloated phone bill (1/3)

Last year my mother introduced the family with the number she purchased from a phone carrier, which we’ll henceforth refer to as Provider X. My mother, my brother, and I use those numbers, and she said it was easier for her to control our phone bills because all three numbers are merged into one single bill. Plus, we can also set a monthly phone usage limit to restrict our bills under the set limit. And on the beginning of each month we will receive an SMS regarding our bills of phone use for the previous month.

Provider X offers Internet packages—which they named HotRod—that limits our use with volume quota. HotRod packages that I registered had always been the following: 1) Rp49K for 500MB of regular quota + 1.5 GB bonus quota (P1) and 2) Rp99K for 1.2GB of regular quota + 3.6 GB bonus quota (P2). Surely those were great deals, considering they provide the fastest Internet I’ve ever used AND a bonus quota three times of the regular.

The rule is once the quota is depleted, the number would not be able to be used for Internet.

I had no complaints whatsoever regarding the provider (except for the occasionally disappearing signals in some areas).

Until recently: my phone bill for the month of October was Rp1.441.615. That’s almost one and a half million rupiahs.

I’ll be elaborating more on this on another post. I’ll keep this blog posted.


About four or five years ago I joined an English debating club in my school. Those were great times; I got to meet very intelligent people who speaks excellent English—I was paired with a few teams that consisted of such people and we went into a few competitions, although most of the time we went home with only participant certificates or, once when lucky, a quarter-finalist certificate (I think I ruined the competence of the team). After about a year or so, I quit and since then I never went into debating again.

Until now. On December I’ll be paired with a team of three people to be sent to a local debating competition, along with four other teams from the department of English.
I guess I’ll be out of my protective shell for a while and see how far I can exert myself, talking and meeting people and stuff. And see whether I still have that debating spirit (that I think I never had).

Reflection on: Norwegian Wood

If there was one book that I had to take with me if the world was ending it is Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood.

The story is told through the perspective of Toru Watanabe, a misanthropic coming-of-age guy making his way through college. I can relate with him due to his preference to living alone and independently. The writing is exquisite. The settings are so beautifully described and I can’t help but vividly imagine my being there in the story.

The main theme deals with suicides and depression, along with the coming-of-age issues that Toru faces, so the whole atmosphere feels kind of dark and somewhat disturbing. However, there are various comedic elements spread throughout the story that alleviate that, for example Midori with her wild imaginations that appear in even the unlikeliest of situation… and she isn’t afraid of explicitly expressing them. Toru himself is a real deadpan that his “poker-faced” response to conversations are occasionally funny.

The book just calls to be read over and over again because once I finished reading it kept opening the first page and reread it all over again. It’s that beautiful.

Totally, totally loved it.