The case of bloated phone bill (2/3)

So let’s go back in time:

In the 1st of October, I registered my number with P1. Since I was such a greedy bastard I sucked the quota immediately, spending more than 400MB of data for downloading stuff just the day after. Of course, I always checked my data usage every time I finished using it.

In the 3rd of October, I registered another package, P2 and some time after that another (I can’t recall which package and when). I think I used it all up because on the 19th or 20th of October the Internet stopped working. So I took out my number and replaced it with another number which I used until the first of November.

On the 1st of November, I put my Provider X number back on and registered with P1 again. I used the phone normally, occasionally using the tethering function of the phone.

On the 6th of November, I received the bill notification SMS which said more or less like this:

Thank you for being a Provider X Post-Paid customer. Your phone bill as of 01/11/12 is Rp1.441.615, due 27/11/12.

My stomach churned as I was shocked to see my bill exceeded one million rupiahs. This is ridiculous, I thought. I told mother about this since the bill is on her and right away she called the Provider X Customer Service. She was given a complaint ticket number and she was told to wait a few days for the complaint to be resolved.

A few days had passed yet I received no follow-up from Provider X. Mother was mad about this and called back on a week after that, around the 13th of November. They said they were still working on it. I could see the disappointment in her eyes. Who wouldn’t?

Since then I kept checking back on the complaint ticket number (Provider X provides it via SMS) yet, still no progress until the 24th of November. On that day, I checked the complaint follow-up progress and received an SMS saying the complaint had been resolved, but the SMS did not elaborate more on what had been resolved. So I called the Provider X Customer Service again.


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