The case of bloated phone bill: the follow up

I’m having such a rough time now.

The bloated phone bill is now two months overdue and my mom is very likely to be required to pay regardless. Of course she wouldn’t want to pay that much. Hell, she wouldn’t be able to.

She expects me to pay for it.

My initial response to that was denial. I was outraged. I told my mom how the carrier deceive me as a customer by not notifying me when my Internet quota has run dry and sucking the hell out of the money I don’t have—without my knowing. I told her about the sick business the carrier practices, ripping off unaware customers. I blamed the carrier for the lack of customer care.

But no matter how right I felt was, no matter how convinced I was about the evilness of the phone carrier, that’s the ugly truth. Awful but true. Nothing could change the fact that that’s how the business is run. Nor the fact that the bill has to be paid. Otherwise the carrier has to go for the hard way: debt collector. Obviously nobody wanted that.

The total bill has come to more than 1.6 million rupiahs. I can pay for it in any form—leaves, rocks, dust, books—except money.

This comes as a total wake-up call for me. You have been a damn spoiled kid! How many more years will you live by leeching off your mother? Now you know the real taste of life. Yeah, I’m still an immature twenty years old boy who hasn’t yet to face the real life, yet to pay for my own bills. But that’s another matter belonging in another post.

As a temporary relief I might trade my current smartphone into an Internetless normal phone—a dumbphone—and use the rest of the money to pay for the phone bill. Ironic isn’t it, selling the phone to pay for its bill? I’m not sure what will happen to my life after that.

I hadn’t contacted my girlfriend at all because of this while in fact I should have because we planned on doing class assignment together. She’s gotta be really mad. Sorry, dear, I’ll make up.


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