Mom came into my room…

Mom came into my room (as always, without knocking first) while my brother and I were playing FIFA. Earlier in the day I installed a carpet for my room by myself. That included my getting sweaty due to carrying out of my room a desk, a chair, a nightstand, and a bed in the process and then putting it back where it belonged.

But my mom didn’t notice that. Instead of appreciating the work I did she complained about the layer bedding that lied untidily on my bed (even though I had planned on getting rid of it).

And then she took a photo-box photograph of my girlfriend and I and sat on my bed. I think I look nice in the photograph and my girlfriend looked really pretty in her purple outfit. And we looked cute together.

But my mom ignored that. The only comment she made was the crease on my shirt and that I should have had it tidied up.

It’s not that I’m being childish and always in the constant look for praise but don’t I at least deserve more encouraging comments than that for my life from my mother?


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