On reviewing a relationship

After a tiresome day of mid-terms yesterday, I decided to visit my girlfriend’s dorm to kick back and rest my thoughts.

By the time I got there she was cleaning her room and packing up to go home. I sat on the side of her bed, leaning my back against the bed frame as she did her thing.

Then, when she was finished, she sat down next to me. Then we had a chat and we reviewed our relationship. “Review” because I don’t know what the English word for it is, if there is any.

We occasionally do this, reviewing our relationship. We mainly share things we don’t and do like from each other, as well as what aspects of our relationship need repair. We also take turns to tell each other pretty much everything we need to say about the other. We hide nothing. Afterwards, we apologize to each other for things that we had done wrong and, well, we forgive each other, not because we have to but because we want to. It was a pleasant time together, my girlfriend and I.

I think relationship reviews like this, everybody who’s in a relationship—or perhaps married—should do it, too. As clichéd as it may sound, maintaining good communication is indeed key to a healthy relationship. And guess what, ours has been going on for nine months now (I know, it’s still a very short time) but rarely have we ever quarrel because of minor issues such as speculative suspicion against each other, let alone major ones.

Because what do we have to hide from each other?


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