Ramblings on FIFA 13

Before I decide to buy myself a video game, there are at least two things that I need to consider, like

1. how fun is the game?
2. how long will the fun last?

I’d rather not purchase a hyped video games when its gameplay only lasts like a few hours and is of very low replay value, no matter how fun it is when I play it for the first time. That game has to have a sufficient and consistent gameplay fun-factor.

One of that kind game is FIFA 13. Since I bought it last year never for a day I feel like I’ve had enough of it. I just can’t get tired of FIFA 13, there are so many modes to play and each of them has their own replay value. The Ultimate Team mode, for example, offers both the regular football gameplay and a sort-of a “card-trading” game. It’s a really fun building my own team by buying and selling players in the form of cards with other players, getting virtual money in the process. Best part is when I play against other Ultimate Team players online. It actually feels great when my team beats a seemingly better team with skills.

Then there’s the Career more. There are two modes to choose from, to play as a Player or Manager. Both has their own unique gameplay value. As a Player, I can create my own player and customize his appearance and play as him in the team of my choosing (I’m playing as a fictional German striker Juno Heisemeyer, currently contracted to PSG). As a Manager, I can manage my favorite team (I’m managing Spurs and the Poland national football team). Emotions are involved, too. I am always eager to score more goals. I look forward to purchase a great football star or grow my own future talent. Buying and selling players is such a joy. (I recently bought Neymar in the summer transfer window for 30m Euros and sold it for twice the price in winter.)

There is also a Kick-Off mode for casual, pick-up game session with a partner. It’s always fun to play together with someone. I play it a lot with my brother and we have a lot of laughs while we’re playing.

The best thing is all of those game modes will get me experience points that will increase my FIFA playing level in EA Sports Football Club (EAS FC). It will also enables unlockable contents, and the higher my EAS FC level is, the more contents that I can unlock to enhance my gameplay.

With all those modes that I can play them over and over again, I just can never get enough with FIFA 13. I can play for hours and hours of it without getting bored (the only thing that stops me is exhaustion). It seems like its fun potential is endless… at least until the next line-up in FIFA series comes up.

So yeah, this isn’t a review post or anything. My point is that for me, FIFA 13 is a game that is really, really worth buying and playing. It’s a great investment for my entertainment needs.

I’m really looking forward to FIFA 14!


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