College break(down)

My trusty MacBook had it’s battery swollen like a piece of bruised flesh and so I sent it for repair and they said that it would take 7-10 days for it to finish since they had to order the battery from somewhere. It was a week ago and I still haven’t received any news from them. I hope they didn’t break it or something.

(I’m typing this secretly from my brother’s *Windows* laptop.)

I’m on a (winter?) college break now which lasts for a month or so until early February. I say “break”, not “holiday”, or liburan, as people say because it isn’t really one. When you’re having a holiday, everybody is, too. But college kids as we are, we get this special privilege of staying at home for five weeks-ish with literally nothing productive to do, until our backs become stiff and our legs limp and our brain rotten due to this prolonged idleness.

Speaking of breaks, having one of those as a college student feels completely different than having one as a high schooler. It’s definitely, infinitely more fun having a break, and also holiday, as a kid. A school kid can totally call a holiday a holiday because he can enjoy himself with whatever he wants to do. He could spend all day playing video games at home, or doing whatever things he wants to do without having to worry about anything else…

Like life. That four-letter word that I only began to think about once I carry the number 2 as a prefix in my age. Holidays can’t be spent as freely as it could in my teenage years, both in terms of mentally and physically. I’m beginning to think about the, ugh, future, like marriage, career, money, etc. (thanks, society!) and everything else. It’s become a huge pressure on my shoulders, as if I haven’t got enough pressure already from finishing college. But I probably should be thankful for this model of the society because parents still provide a roof to cover my head and money for my college tuition fee. But then, again, probably that needs to change in the future in order to renew this lazy, spoiled excuse of a society.

I’m wondering if I could get the same mental and psychological freedom again as I had as a cutesy teenager. Probably not.


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