So hipster. Much blur.

My name is Adit, a cat-loving, random millennial in his twenties who’s still figuring out how this strange little thing called life works. I have a penchant for video games, music, books, and movies—in that order. Although I am an Indonesian born and raised, I prefer to write in English because my train of thoughts flow in the language that is English. Weird me.

This blog is my outlet to show off my way of self-expression in writing—I’m pretty bad at drawing and dancing, you see.

I go by the handle “ohaiadit” which you can look up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Steam, Origin, and basically everywhere. (Hook me up on PSN should you wish to challenge me for a FIFA match or two.)

Thanks for reading! Oh, I also don’t mind you leaving a comment or two around here!


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